Tired of the high cost of fuel?

KiTech Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Save 10 to 40% on fuel, more than 70% on harmful emissions and average 20% increase in engine power. KiTech Hydrogen Fuel Systems are easy to install with a very high ROI that can be a game changer.

Save Fuel - Save Money - Save Environment

Why KiTech?

Fuel Savings Kitech


10 to 40% Fuel Savings.

Emission reduction


More than 97% emission reduction

Engine life


Improving engine life and noise with safety.



Rapid Return on Investment.

Save Earth

Save Fuel, Save Money, Save Environment

Biggest cost for transporters is the cost of fuel that is ever increasing and pushing the margins of fleet operators to their limits. KiTech offers Hydrogen fuel systems that saves 10 to 40% fuel on variety of engines and is very easy to install and operate. It just needs water and your savings start. Plus, it reduces vehicle emissions by more than 97%. Hydrogen has other additional benefits of noise reduction in engines and improving engine life. KiTech Hydrogen Fuel Systems are very safe to use as they do not store hydrogen, but generates while in operation and consume it immediately. So while you're saving money on fuel costs and maintenance, you'll also be saving the planet. 

Hydrogen Fuel

Hybrid Fuel with Hydrogen

Kitech Hydrogen-on-demand is a system using electrical energy to power a series of electrolysis cells. It can reduce the amount of wasted fuel by 1/3. That's partly due to hydrogen being used near the end or exhaust stroke, when there is little or no external work required.

Internal combustion engines also have a lot of waste. They won't be able to achieve complete combustion which will leave fuel unspent. This means higher bills as you'll have to spend more money on gas. Hydrogen is the world's need for clean, eco-friendly fuel. Kitech Hydrogen Fuel Systems Injection Technologies makes hydrogen by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen to add as a supplemental fuel source. This process creates enough energy to travel over 1500 km.  Our hydrogen fuel systems are available for diesel, petrol or LPG vehicles. They're designed to help long-haul drivers avoid the frustrations that come from running out of gas.

Cleaning our environment by reducing all potential energy, greenhouse gas emissions and airborne particulate matter as well as delivering considerable fuel savings to consumers is the mission of Kitech Hydrogen Systems. 

Knox-20 Hydrogen Fuel System

Our Hydrogen Fuel Systems for Commercial vehicles of every size

Our Fuel Saving & Emission Reducing Products

Our flagship products Knox-20, Knox-30 and Knox-40 are designed to cater to engine sizes from 3000 cc to 12000 cc and more. These engines can be on  highway vehicles, earthmovers, marine applications or generator sets or any other application.


Knox - 20

Mid Sized Vehicles (3 to 6 Liters Engine capacity) 

K20 K30

Knox - 30

Large Vehicles (6 to 9 Lit. engine capacity)


Knox - 40

Very Large vehicles & Earthmovers (9 to 12 Lit. engine capacity)

Become part of the growing Green Tribe with KiTech Partnership

Kitech deals with customers globally through their partners. These partners are well equipped and with trained personnels. They will provide guidance, solutions, install, maintain and help achieve the desired outcomes with Kitech Systems. 
Kitech is appointing partners in every country. Interested parties can write to  

ATX Energy Perth

ATX Energy -  Australia & NewZealand

Leading Energy Transformation Solutions company based out of Western Australia.
+61 (0) 407 428 681


Looking for Partners in following Countries

India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, EU (Multiple countries), UK, USA, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Research & Development 

KiTech Research

Our Research focusses on creating Hydrogen fuel systems that can add to the existing vehicles and engines of different sizes helping reduce fuel consumption. Our principle is to provide vehicle and fleet owners an alternative to save the running cost and also save environment without making any change to their assets. This enables every one to adopt KiTech systems easily. Our inventions are safe to operate and we continuously evolve with new and improved systems. Our R&D designs custom systems to suit vehicles of any size from cars, SUVs, trucks, buses to even earthmovers, marine applications, generator sets and likes and give rapid ROI.

Kitech Research

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